Environment Canada investigates tornado reports after storm lashes southwestern Ontario

Environment Canada is investigating reports of a tornado in Hawkesville, Ont. after a severe storm blew through much of southwestern Ontario Friday night. 

The national agency had warned that lightning and winds up to 90 km/h were possible in the storm as it crossed through the area, threatening Wellington County and Waterloo Region.

Weather radar plotted the severe storm as it tracked a route between the communities of Elmira and St. Jacobs.

Saturday morning, debris and damage were evident in the area.

hawkesville tornado drone damage 2

Photo from an aerial drone shows flattened crops and debris after a reported tornado near Hawkesville, Ont. Aug. 11, 2017. (Nate Leis/Twitter)

hawkesville tornado drone damage

Photo taken from a drone over a farm building near Hawkesville, Ont. shows damage from a reported tornado on August 11, 2017. (Nate Leis/Twiitter)

Storm west of Hawkesville

Witnesses report the storm touched down west of Hawkesville, Ont., Friday evening Aug. 11, 2017. (Mark Benest/Twitter)

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